The Hutton Parker Foundation recently awarded nearly $830,000 in Core Support Grants to 28 nonprofit organizations throughout Santa Barbara County.

Grant awards ranged from $10,000 to a maximum of $50,000. Organizations representing all areas of the nonprofit sector, including health and human services, education, children, youth and families, arts and culture, and civic and community, are being supported by these awards.

Core Support funding is defined as unrestricted funding that enables an organization to carry out its mission.

In January, the Hutton Parker Foundation announced its decision to switch to providing Core Support. This decision was in direct response to the local nonprofit community requesting less restricted funding. Current economic times have resulted in decreased funding opportunities and smaller total donations/grants for nonprofit organizations, while at the same time they are experiencing an increased need for services. Core Support funding allows an agency to decide how awarded funds will be distributed within the agency to best support current operational needs and future sustainability.

“Communities throughout Santa Barbara County are fortunate to have a well-developed and established safety net of nonprofit organizations serving all citizens, particularly those most in need,” said Tom Parker, president of the Hutton Parker Foundation. “Without Core Support now, we could be in danger of losing many essential programs and services that have helped define our communities.”

In addition to the $830,000 in Core Support Grants, by year end, the Hutton Parker Foundation also will have awarded $1.5 million in support to more than 95 nonprofit organizations countywide. Moreover, the foundation provides office space to nearly 60 nonprofit tenants in 16 foundation-owned buildings in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

The Hutton Parker Foundation strives to provide organizational sustainability to community-based nonprofit organizations throughout Santa Barbara County and to assist agencies in achieving their highest level of performance and delivery of services resulting in stronger, more efficient communities for all.

The foundation specializes in providing quality office space for local area nonprofit organizations through the acquisition and development of commercial real estate properties. The Hutton Parker Foundation was established in 1985.

— Pam Lewis is executive director of the Hutton Parker Foundation.