The Holiday Art Gallery is returning to State Street just in time for the holiday season. On Thursday and Friday, the fun, whimsical and colorful Holiday Art structures will be placed at several locations.

The four original pieces designed and built by local artist Dominique Reboul include an acrobat, dancing bear, tightrope walker and rocking horse. Two other works created by local artists Michael Peake and Susan Seaberry include a jack-in-the-box and unicycling jester.

The Holiday Art exhibition is the result of a project commissioned by the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization and jointly funded with the city of Santa Barbara’s Redevelopment Agency.

The high-flying gallery will be displayed through the holiday season. The Downtown Organization said the Holiday Art Gallery is an important addition to the public art scene in Santa Barbara and a “must see” and a “great photo opportunity” for everyone in the downtown area. 

Where to find them? The rocking horse will be at 1235 State St., the acrobat at 1137 State St., the jack-in-the-box at 1000 State St., the dancing bear at 939 State St., the tightrope walker at 834 State St. and the unicycling jester at 700 State St.

— Mary Lynn Harms is the marketing director for the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization.