About this time last autumn we launched Noozhawk’s first Webathon to supplement our revenue from advertising and sponsorships. A few people had approached us and quietly asked if they could give us money because they appreciated what we were doing for the community and were hopeful we could do more. If there were a few, I wondered, would there be a few thousand? And so the Hawks Club was hatched.

As it turns out, there was quite a lot of support for the idea, and the Noozhawk readers who responded did so enthusiastically and in amounts of all sizes. We are truly humbled by that support and are energized by the confidence in us that such an investment conveys.

We’re renewing our fund drive this year because we still need your help. We’re very frugal, as any of our reporters can tell you. Every dollar we take in goes right back into the product. It pays for Lara Cooper and Giana Magnoli reporting on the community you recognize and on the issues you care about. It pays for Sonia Fernandez covering Goleta City Hall and Rob Kuznia on the K-12 education beat. It pays for Michelle Nelson keeping it all going on the production side, editing our stories and posting your articles and submissions. And it will pay for our continued growth as your indispensable, freshest source of local news.

We may be just 2 years old but we think we’ve been playing an outsize role in reporting on our community. In fact, no other local professional news organization posts more content than Noozhawk, and we’re doing it pretty much 24/7. The opportunity is a privilege for us and, speaking for all of the Noozhawks, we love it.

If you like what you read here, if you appreciate our effort to provide professional journalism in an environmentally friendly format, please do what you can to help. Whether $10 or $1,000, we promise you’ll see the benefits on Noozhawk. And if you can’t help financially, you can do just as much by telling everyone you know about us. We are grateful.

Click here for more information on how you can donate to Noozhawk. Thank you for your support.

Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen can be reached at wmacfadyen@noozhawk.com. Follow Noozhawk on Twitter: @noozhawk. Become a fan of Noozhawk on Facebook.

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William M. Macfadyen, Noozhawk Publisher

Bill Macfadyen is Noozhawk’s founder and publisher. Contact him at wmacfadyen@noozhawk.com, and follow him on Instagram: @bill.macfadyen. The opinions expressed are his own.