A friend of mine decided it was time to increase the amount he was charging for his services.

This was his cliff to jump off of — his act of faith. Except the phone rang and it was an old client who refused to honor his new rate. Out of fear he grasped at the old and took the job.

The next day the phone rang. It was a new client who would have been happy to pay his new rate, except now he couldn’t take it for he was still operating in the old with his back to the cliff.

Wherever you are, when you have moments of clarity that show you who you are and what to do next — push the save button and do it. The temptation to slip back into comfortable, yet well-worn shoes and replay old tapes that erase your new identity is far too easy.

The problem with an act of faith is that there is no guarantee upfront. Letting go is never easy.

It’s like the trapeze artist who must let go of one bar before catching the other. For a brief moment, there is nothing tangible to hold on to. Being suspended in midair without any props is definitely scary. So is dying with your dream still inside you.

Do you have a dream that needs to be re-energized? Are you willing to take a leap of faith to follow it?

Look at the word scared. All you have to do is reverse the letters c and a and it spells sacred. Wouldn’t you go to any length to protect what is sacred?

Believe in yourself, your dreams. Pour your heart and soul into them. Courageously work to bring them to life. The world needs them.

The world needs you.

Susan Ann Darley is a creativity coach and writer who works with artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to re-energize their careers and redesign their personal lives. Click here to read her blog. Follow her on Twitter: @Coach7700. For more information, click here, e-mail her at susan@susananndarley.com or call 805.845.3036.