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Peter Frisch

Peter Frisch and The Frisch Studio announce the winter-spring lineup of professional classes for actors.

Classes will be taught in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Solvang beginning Jan. 22. The term for all classes is 16 weeks. All classes are open by interview and audition only.

Frisch, known in Santa Barbara as the leader of the Granada Theatre restoration, is also a widely known theater, film, and television director and producer. He has also run the School of Drama at Carnegie Mellon and taught at conservatory programs at Juilliard, Harvard University, Boston University, Cal Arts and others.

Classes include “The Complete Package: A Marketing and Auditioning Workshop” taught in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, “Creating Character: Techniques of Transformation,” taught in Santa Barbara and “Comedy Scene Study” taught in Solvang.

“The Complete Package: A Marketing and Auditioning Workshop” is designed for advanced or professional actors. Students discover diverse character types that match their “look” and presentation. Actors explore and fulfill each type in order to present themselves as a complete, castable acting package. Live and on-camera auditioning, monologues, cold and semi-cold readings and interviews are utilized.

“Creating Character: Techniques of Transformation“ will be geared toward intermediate and advanced actors. It features a working approach to character creation and the craft of stage and film rehearsal and preparation. Students work to transcend habitual limitations of thought, feeling, body and voice, expanding their range and casting possibilities. Numerous internal and external tools are employed.

“Comedy Scene Study,” for intermediate and advanced actors, explores what’s funny and why. Comedy emerges when people find themselves in extreme needs and circumstances. Believing in those needs and circumstances and making them real is even more important than in drama. Students investigate physical comedy, situation comedy and comedy of character.

“Peter … is responsible for creating the kind of actor I am today. He taught me how to truly take risks in my work, invest authentically in my characters,” actress Julianne Moore said. “The method that Peter taught is still one that I use today. He gave me the tools to access, emotionally and intellectually, very dense material.”

For more information or an interview/audition, click here, email Frisch at or call 805.451.6789.

— Peter Frisch is the founder of The Frisch Studio.