Anyone who works out as frequently as the members of Crossfit Pacific Coast knows how quickly gym shoes can get worn out. That’s why Crossfit Pacific Coast has decided to support Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program in its efforts to recycle worn out workout shoes.

Nike takes old athletic shoes and transforms them into something new, creating tracks, basketball courts and even playgrounds out of recycled materials. Reuse-A-Shoe and Crossfit Pacific Coast hope to promote environmentally friendly shoe use and keep old shoes out of landfills.

A bin placed at Crossfit Pacific Coast is available for anyone to come and donate their old shoes. Only gym shoes are recyclable, not sandals or dress shoes.

Drop off old shoes sometime before Christmas, and a Crossfit employee will transport it to the Ventura Reuse-A-Shoe location.

Traver Boehm and Eric Malzone founded CrossFit Pacific Coast in order to share the life-changing benefits of CrossFit with others. They opened their doors in June 2009 and now have more than 135 students and employ a team of six CrossFit certified coaches. In addition to traditional CrossFit classes, they offer private training, yoga classes, a kid’s program, wellness seminars and a combination yoga/crossfit class called “Heaven and Hell.”

— Mike McElhaney is a publicist representing Crossfit Pacific Coast.