Taste … and See founder and head chef Brittany Gleason is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of culinary excellence with an emphasis on a fresh, high-quality and varying menu. With a personal commitment to a green lifestyle, Gleason offers a gourmet dining experience of healthy, vegan/vegetarian and eco-friendly foods.

“Eating should be not only pleasurable, but nourishing,” Gleason said.

Gleason brings local organic produce to create healthy savory cuisine in your home or at your next event. With an interest in healthier eating, Gleason became committed to eating and preparing organic, sustainable foods at age 18. She began her baking career at the well-known Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley, where her passion for healthy cuisine grew.

After leaving Earthbound Farms, she worked with Chef Josie Rowe at her bakery, Diva Dulce Baked Goods in the Monterey Peninsula. Rowe is a member of the Fassett family that began the famous Nepenthe Restaurant perched on the picturesque cliffs of Big Sur.

Gleason is also the head baker at Sweet Hearts Bakery in Santa Barbara, a bakery dedicated to helping the orphans of Rwanda. Some of its baked goods can be found in Whole Foods Market and Lazy Acres Market in Santa Barbara and at the New Frontiers Natural Marketplace in Solvang.

Taste … and See is committed to the very highest standards, using only the finest quality ingredients, beginning with fresh seasonal produce and organic when possible. Gleason is not only dedicated to healthy, sustainable cuisine; she gives a certain amount of her profits to help support orphans in Uganda and Greenpeace International.

Taste … and See serves Santa Barbara, Montecito, Ventura and Santa Ynez. For more information, email catering.tasteandsee@gmail.com, call 805.617.0274 or click here.

— Carla Iacovetti represents Taste … and See.