Wage concession agreements reached with Santa Barbara County’s unions achieved estimated savings of about $18.5 million in fiscal year 2012-13, with ongoing savings continuing in subsequent years.

Those agreements included furloughs for certain groups of county employees.

At its Oct. 16 meeting, the county Board of Supervisors approved plans to implement full or partial closures of many county departments beginning Monday, Dec. 24 and ending when all offices reopen on Wednesday, Jan. 2 after the New Year’s Day holiday.

Public safety, public assistance and public health programs will remain available to the public during this time as the Sheriff’s, Fire, Public Health, Social Services, Mental Health, Emergency Management, and Public Works departments will remain open to provide essential services to county residents. In addition, limited staffing will be maintained in the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, Clerk-Recorder-Assessor’s Office and many general administrative offices in order to provide essential services.

Click here for a comprehensive list of full and partial department closures, as well as of those departments that will remain open.

— Jeri Muth is director of the Santa Barbara County Human Resources Department.