COAST will host a nighttime walk at 6 p.m. this Wednesday, Dec. 7.

A small group will show Public Works, local business owners, City Council members and the mayor to show them the dangers of walking at night.

The group will meet at the Franklin Community Center parking lot, 1136 E. Montecito St., and will walk around the neighborhood, focusing on streets such as Alisos, Cacicque and other residential streets that are adversely affected by speeding cars and dark streets.

A daytime walk in September was effective in showing walking infrastructure problems in the Eastside, but the top complaint about the Eastside (putting aside the dangers of Milpas Street) is the lack of lighting. We hope this walk will be a first-hand learning experience for those who do not live in the Eastside.

The walk is expected to last about an hour.

— Caitlin Carlson is a project director for COAST.