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Cate School students and faculty who attended the Carmen opera were, back row from left to right, teacher Nita Pettigrew, Taylor Chatman, teacher Terry Shultz, Caroline Liou, Maddie Firestone, teacher Linda Sommers, Trevor Wallace, Adrian Robins, middle and front row from left to right, Simone Nettles, Priscilla Wilson, Vanessa Vilsaint, Guadalupe Ortega, Marin Kautz, Mackenzie Walsh, Brent Bennett, Nathan Vice and Victoria Donovan. (Cate School courtesy photo)

A group of Cate students and faculty drove to Los Angeles on Sunday to experience what many critics and fans have called the most beloved opera in the world, French composer Georges Bizet‘s Carmen.

The Cate group was not disappointed.

Carmen is the story of an entrancing gypsy woman who casts her spell on an unsuspecting soldier, which brings their lives together, then thrusts them tragically apart.

The incredible set, choreography and, of course, Bizet’s music, entranced the audience, carrying us all into the street and mountains of Spain.

It is unlikely that the performance didn’t leave a lasting impression on everyone who found him or herself lost in the story on this magical Sunday afternoon.

Don Orth is Cate School’s communications director.