Fellow Americans:

We must have wholesale change in our House of Representatives. This means your congressman, too!

In a recent poll of American voters, “76 percent said members of Congress don’t deserve re-election,” but of these same responders, “53 percent said their own representative should be re-elected.” How can this be? This is reminiscent of a poll in which a large number of Frenchmen were asked, “Do you think you are an ‘above average’ lover?” The number who responded yes: 92 percent!

Certainly there are at least several hundred people in your district, besides the incumbent, who would serve admirably in the House of Representatives. The incumbent has questionable baggage, party allegiances, re-election desires and unknown involvement with lobbyists. Why not give someone else a chance who doesn’t carry any such baggage?

We should all concentrate on anyone but the incumbent in our own district. We should all vote in the primary of the incumbent’s party and vote for someone other than the incumbent. If there’s a GOOOH candidate available (see www.goooh.com), he/she would be the best choice; otherwise, anyone but the incumbent!

We must all be serious about change in our own congressional district and make it happen.

Glen Terrell
Arlington, Texas