Santa Barbara-based AmeriFlex has been a leading provider of financial advice to businesses, entrepreneurs, families and individuals for the past 25 years. During that time, the AmeriFlex team has come to realize that women face a unique set of issues when planning for their financial future.

In an effort to help women become better equipped to address these issues, AmeriFlex hosts an educational series called Fun & Finance as part of the Woman Investor Program. At each event, different topics are discussed, and often local businesses and organizations are highlighted.

At the September event, local travel expert Clare Swan of Clare Swan Montecito was a guest speaker.

This past Wednesday night’s featured topic was “The Power of Giving.” Local nonprofit organization Food from the Heart board chair woman Kelly Onnen and local CPA Carola Nicholson spoke on the subject, as did AmeriFlex’s Woman Investor team — Bibi Taylor, Corrine Barroso and Hannah Sink. By providing a fun environment, the hope is that women will feel comfortable joining in the conversation about finances and more apt to participate in future financial conversations.

“In our experience, women are successful investors — when they invest. With the current economic conditions, more women being major contributors to household incomes and starting the majority of new businesses in the country, there is a need to arm women with the information they need to be confident making financial decisions,” said Taylor, MBA, AmeriFlex wealth manager. “We know that women do not have a preference in working with male or female financial advisors. What they do care about is being heard, having their needs addressed and being educated on how to best help themselves and their families have a successful future.”

If you are interested in learning more about AmeriFlex Financial Services and the Fun & Finance events, contact Taylor at

— Bibi Taylor, MBA, is a wealth manager for AmeriFlex, 3700 State St., Suite 310, in Santa Barbara. Call 805.898.0893 for more information.