Kim and Jared Faraudo of Santa Barbara, who fostered the 300th child from Angels Foster Care, pose for photo in outdoor setting. She has long brown hair and is wearing a white sun dress. He has on a black and white checked shirt and blue jeans.
Kim and Jared Faraudo of Santa Barbara fostered the 300th child from Angels Foster Care.

Angels Foster Care is kicking off 2023 with a milestone mark of placing 300 children in Angels Foster Homes since its launch in 2006.

The nonprofit agency provides safe, stable loving homes for infants and toddlers, from newborns to age five, in foster care throughout Santa Barbara and southern San Luis Obispo counties.

“We are beyond proud to celebrate this significant milestone of 300 foster care placements,” said Holly Carmody, executive director of Angels Foster Care. “It is our mission to protect abused, neglected and abandoned infants and toddlers, nurture them in a caring home until adoption or reunification, and ultimately ensure that they reach their greatest development potential.

“We are grateful to our donors, board members and volunteers, who have supported our work and enabled us to make a positive impact on the lives of 300 young children – and their families.”

According to Carmody, the number of children under 18 in foster care in Santa Barbara County has been on the rise for the last five years, dipping slightly in 2022.

“In a world where our schedules are filled to the brink and it’s easy to focus only on our own self comforts, it has been a gift to welcome these babies into our home, show them love and stability, and meet their needs with joy and compassion,” said Kim Faraudo, who along with Jared Faraudo of Santa Barbara fostered the 300th child from Angels Foster Care.

“Being a safe place, if even for a short time in their young lives, has reshaped our family’s perspective on what it means to serve and love others,” she said.

Angels Foster Care provides guidance and support to families, helping them navigate the fostering process and ensuring a stable and caring environment for its children.

The majority of Angels babies have been placed in the foster care system due to neglect, abandonment or abuse. Angels’ social workers are experts in the needs of young children who have experienced trauma, and provide comprehensive training and intensive assistance to Angels Foster Care parents so they can confidently care for their foster children and provide a nurturing environment.

“It has been a positive and rewarding experience loving each one of our foster placements and Angels has been supportive and hands-on every step of the way,” Kim Faraudo said.

“If you have a heart for fostering, we want to encourage you to reach out to Angels; step out in faith and open up your hearts and homes. It’ll change you in the best way, and without a doubt, change the life of another,” she said.

To learn more about how to foster a child or for any questions, contact Angels Foster Care, 805-884-0012 or visit