Santa Barbara MTD’s annual August service changes will go into effect Monday, Aug. 16. The new schedule includes the return of several lines that have been suspended since March 2020 due to the pandemic.

Line 16 (SBCC Shuttle) will return to full service, and Lines 15x (SBCC/UCSB Express) and 28 (UCSB Shuttle) will return with reduced service. These three lines will start when Santa Barbara City College and UCSB students return to campus, Aug. 23 and Sept. 20, respectively.

Line 27 (Isla Vista Shuttle) will remain on its reduced “UCSB out” schedule until further notice.

Booster services to area junior high and high schools will resume on Tuesday, Aug. 17. Pick-up and drop-off times have changed due to new bell schedules for Santa Barbara Unified School District, so families should check the schedules here.

The following lines will remain suspended until further notice, due to continued workforce and/or budget constraints:
Line 10 (Cathedral Oaks)
Line 36 (Seaside Shuttle)
Line 37 (Crosstown Shuttle)
Downtown and Waterfront Shuttles (Lines 30 and 34)

The new schedule guide reflecting these changes is available at the Transit Center or online here.
As a reminder, federal law requires face coverings be properly worn on all MTD buses at all times.
MTD urges riders to double-check the schedule to see if their regular departure times have been altered. Customer service representatives are available at 805-963-3366.