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2010 Republican Congressional Candidate Q&A with Carole Miller

NOOZHAWK: In assessing the tone and lack of bipartisanship in Washington today, it seems that a vast majority of lawmakers represent narrow constituencies on the more extreme ends of the political spectrum, rather than the broad center. Is this a problem? How do you or would you navigate such an environment? What specific steps would you take to change that atmosphere?

CAROLE MILLER: Yes, of course it is a problem. The biggest problem is it is so unevenly divided and the minority seems to be fighting for their life on every issue. They are not representing narrow constituencies, they are representing narrow opinions and are on extreme ends because they feel like a minority and we all know the problems that can be caused by that issue.

Too many inflated egos and too many are more interested in making a name for themselves instead of representing their constituents back home. It reminds me of a bull fight and each of them wants to be the matador — Olé. We need work in progress, teamwork and valid leadership, not kingdoms. It is like trying to put vinegar in cream and what you come up with are curdles.

The specific I think of immediately is post-partisanship. Relationships are more important than convictions, being creative and practical plays a role here. To get rid of this “I’ll show you” attitude, Congress must remember they are representing “We The People.”

Stop — Look — Listen.

Stop the money-grabbing “mine” attitude.

Look at what it is causing in our country.

Listen to “The People.”

NOOZHAWK: Please provide an example of how you have or would place your constituents’ interests before your party’s.

CM: I plan to have a “Kitchen Cabinet” with experts on each one of my issues. I have two eyes and two ears, and these experts will act as my extra eyes and ears to be constantly be in touch with constituents and they with me. If the experts do not have an answer that satisfies you, they will contact me as quickly as possible. We will know firsthand what is happening in our various counties. When I am not here, the doors on my offices will not be locked. Locked doors are part and parcel with Rep. Lois Capps and the offices where her staff resides in California. The current closed doors in Washington, D.C., regarding issues that involve “We The People” will be open for discussions unless it is a high-security meeting that is taking place. Security, in my mind, would be our defense issues. Not which pork-belly earmark will be made part of a new bill or a new law.

I will present a plan. The first week I am elected I would plan to eliminate the need for your representatives to be in Washington, D.C., daily or even weekly. They seem to think the way they will make a name for themselves and assure their win in the next election is to create more and more bills or add more and more earmarks so they become rich and famous. In my opinion, it is a total waste of money and time.

I will suggest we work “regular” hours like a successful business firm, with regular hours all year. I will suggest that we meet once a month in Washington, and the rest will be handled electronically. We will have the ability to sit at our desks in our office and meet with people around the world sitting at their desks or in their conference rooms and conduct business at hand — the same way successful business and meetings are CONDUCTED elsewhere in our country. Why not Washington, D.C.?

The U.S. Constitution allows for this without amendment and this concept was actually presented to Congress on Sept. 14, 2001, as a highly recommended national security upgrade, but was ultimately turned down, claiming Congress members could not be relied upon to show up for work if allowed to telecommute votes and committee hearings. Wait a minute, people, are we dealing with schoolchildren who will ditch class? The representative you have voted for to be there for you certainly better be responsible enough that we would not have to worry about them not showing up. Let’s get this in place so I can be here to “catch the action” right where we live and work.

NOOZHAWK: According to the Congressional Budget Office, the federal deficit stands at $1.5 trillion. Please provide three specific steps to reduce that figure.

CM: 1. Study where the money is going and stop spending it. Stop this attitude of “if we don’t use up all the money granted to us, we won’t get enough next year.” I have NEWS for them: At this rate there won’t be money for next year.

2. I have seen this attitude in a multitude of colleges and universities, city and county government offices buying enough pens and paper for the next five years instead of this year, buying new computers, new office furniture and issuing unnecessary “grants” for absurd research programs that are not going to make a difference in our lives when we fold. And fold we will and it will be caused by spending money we CANNOT AFFORD to spend. Stop spending and stop approving spending. Stop the earmark spending.

3.  Stop borrowing from China. Stop funding the rest of the world. If we have to borrow money to fund another country ... then we cannot fund another country. And increase the fees to countries that are importing their goods because of our great markets. Allowing the government to GET OUT OF DEBT without raising our taxes and, in fact, LOWER OUR TAXES!

NOOZHAWK: The CBO recently described the federal budget as being “on an unsustainable path — meaning that federal debt will continue to grow much faster than the economy.” Do you agree? How would you resolve this situation?


We are taking the wrong path! Let’s look out for us and lend a hand where we can without increasing our debt. Find it and get hold of the corruption and get rid of it. Get these politicians out that are in Washington, filling their egos and filling their pockets. Cities and counties are funding new ball parks and new attractions and guess who puts the income and money in their pockets from these projects. The developers! Let them pay for their own ventures, not the taxpayers. We cannot supplement these loans, we can’t play watch dog and we don’t have to if it is not our tax dollars.

I saw it over and over when my company went into bankrupt business properties, hotels, clubs and restaurants and turned them around for the banks and financial institutions. They had foolishly loaned money on projects that were not studied and hired management that was corrupt and employees who were not trained. Now look at Washington. Until be get our budget balanced and our house in order, we must study the unnecessary spending and STOP it immediately. It is the fault of management and, in this case, management lives in Washington, D.C., and every government office in this great country we live in and love.

NOOZHAWK: Is tax reform needed? Do you support a value-added tax? Why or why not? Should it replace another tax or should it be an additional assessment?

CM: Short and sweet: Yes on reform.

Yes, I support a value-added tax but not on top of our income tax. No, I will not support a value-added tax if it is on top of our income tax. I also could support a flat tax instead of income tax. Down with the IRS.

I do not support the “death tax.” Taxes were already paid by the deceased. Why should we burden the living, resulting many times with forcing these families to sell their homes, farms or businesses because their husband or wife or father or mother died and left them all they had worked hard for their entire lives — and paid their taxes!


NOOZHAWK: How, specifically, have Americans already benefited from the newly enacted health-care reform? What have been the disadvantages? How would you fix them?

CM: IT IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Why should 85 percent of our great country suffer for the 15 percent who do not have health care? We have the best medical care in the world. Why destroy it? There are so many disadvantages that I do not have the space to tell you, trust me.

It is WRONG. I will do my part when I go to Congress because I will vote not to fund this government-owned health care. This is actually against our Constitution. We must win this one! I would also suggest that prior to putting it into force, the many empty paragraphs need to be included — not that I don’t trust they won’t, but this just acts as a reminder. FINISH IT!

And then I will look for reform and consider the possibility of what it says and what it does, but I will never agree to government running health care in the private sector. We need to stop giving illegals free health care. Walk into any hospital and watch it happening.

NOOZHAWK: Forgive the grammar, but are there any things that the federal government should do less of?

CM: YES, any way you say it, with or without correct grammar.

The government needs to stop controlling our lives. It has become as though we are the prisoners. Government control is WRONG! They should not be controlling our lives, they should not attempt to control the states. It is against the Constitution and liberty.

They better control the borders — all the borders. They better control the drugs entering this country. They better control the illegal goods coming into our country. They better control the budget; it is socialism verging on communism.

NOOZHAWK: What are California’s three biggest problems? As a federal lawmaker, how can you help resolve them?

CM: 1. Federal government Interference. 2. Unemployment. 3. People and business cheating on income — overloading government offices, claiming false workmen’s comp injuries, state disabilities, claiming poverty.

How will I help resolve them? Well ...

I would hope to stop making all the new laws and spend time getting rid of the unnecessary laws. I would suggest some training classes for the Legislature and put an end to their attempt to make their own “kingdom.” You have to remember the Founding Fathers who drew up our Constitution didn’t want any single person able to impose his will on the country. They had just fought a war with England over the subject, and they were quite apprehensive about recreating a monarchy on American soil. Just as important, they understood that even an elected leader or group of leaders, shouldn’t have too much power. That’s why they divided the federal government. A balance among the various powers of government, they reasoned, would most firmly protect citizens’ liberties. In particular, they believed freedom would be meaningless without a legislature that is independent of the president, able to represent the people of the United States in checking his “desires.” Just as important, they believed an independent legislature is a key test of freedom in our country, or any country. In a country without a free and independent parliament (so to speak) our system of government, the historic mission of Congress has been to maintain freedom in the country. They seem to have lost track of their real job or, as we call it in business, job specs. Our current legislature in the House of Representatives is not “independent of the president or able to represent the people of the United States in checking his desires.” He is leading them like a shepherd leading the flock. Rep. Capps doesn’t check the president’s “desires.” She has followed everyone.

Our Founders gave Congress the power to make laws, to levy taxes and to decide how the government will spend its money: It is Congress that gives the American people their voice in the counsels of power. They seem to be overlooking it, don’t you think?

Congress is supposed to reflect us in all our strengths and all our weaknesses, it is supposed to reflect our regional idiosyncrasies, our ethnic and racial diversity, our multitude of professionals, our shadings of opinion on everything from the value of war to the war over values. Congress is supposed to be the most representative body in the country. It is supposed to be Congress that gives the American people — We The People — their voice in the counsels of power. I intend to remind them of that and make it happen when you send me to be your representative for the 23rd Congressional District.

NOOZHAWK: Energy security and sustainability are major challenges for the United States. What policies do you or would you support to meet the U.S. energy demand while ensuring an economically and environmentally sustainable future?

CM: This one reminds me of those trick questions at the DMV.

I am in favor of increasing fossil fuel production in the United States.

I am in favor of increasing nuclear power, and wind and solar power. French policy makers saw only one way for France to achieve energy independence: nuclear energy, a source of energy so compact that a few pounds of fissionable uranium is all the fuel needed to run a big city for a year. Plans were drawn up to introduce the most comprehensive national nuclear energy program in history. Over the next 15 years, France installed 56 nuclear reactors, satisfying its power needs and even exporting electricity to other European countries. I believe we have to.

NOOZHAWK: Do you support offshore oil drilling in California? Why or why not? How about the Paredon project (Measure J) in Carpinteria? And the PXP Tranquillon Ridge Project?

CM: Not just no, but ABSOLUTELY NO. I do not support offshore oil drilling in our oceans — never have and never will. Why? Why should we take any chance to destroy our wonderful oceans or the fish that inhabit them or the people whose jobs depend on the beauty and safety of these waters? Why take a chance on spoiling the view, the content or the future of them?

As for the Measure J question, I say vote against Measure J and the Paredon Oil &  Gas Development Initiative.

NOOZHAWK: Do you support the cap-and-trade bill that Congress may resurrect this year? Why or why not?

CM: No, I do not support HR 2454. I am amazed it got passed and, if you read the statistics, it passed by a very narrow margin. Only eight Republicans voted yes and 168 voted no, along with 44 Democrats voting no as well. Had I been your representative, the count would have been different. I would have contacted the three who decided not to vote and pleaded with them to do their duty and vote! Three of our representatives did not vote all. The Senate will soon begin debate on America’s Climate Security Act of 2007, popularly referred to as the Lieberman-Warner bill after its chief sponsors, Sens. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., and John Warner, R-Va.


Congress is demanding “prompt, decisive action” even though there is still disagreement among scientists about the level, cause and consequences of global warming. On May 19, 2008, for example, Arthur Robinson of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine announced that more than 31,000 scientists had signed a petition rejecting the theory of human-caused global warming. A significant number of scientists, climatologists and meteorologists have expressed doubt about the danger of global warming and whether humans are having a significant impact for the worse on the climate. Others, including renowned scientists, have suggested there are approaches to deal with global warming that would not necessitate slowing the economy.

NOOZHAWK: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are losing taxpayer money at alarming rates — a combined more than $20 billion alone in this last quarter on top of a $145 billion bailout. With no turnaround in sight, is it realistic to expect these entities to actually stabilize the housing and mortgage markets? Have they outlived their usefulness? What is an alternative?

CM: First, I believe the housing market could be stabilized. The biggest question is why are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac still losing taxpayer money at an alarming rate? Very simple, because they are still in existence. They are nothing more than more government intrusion in our lives — the life of the private sector. I say get rid of Fannie and Freddie and remove government regulation from banks. Everyone will win if that happens, even those who do not have a Fannie- and Freddie-owned home loan.

NOOZHAWK: Between Arizona’s recent crackdown on illegal immigration and the New York City bomb suspect allegedly traveling with relative ease back and forth to Pakistan, national security is under renewed scrutiny. Are our borders secure?

CM: Golly gee. Another easy question to answer. Of course, our borders are not secure — neither north, south, east nor west — and we better do something about that real quick. Borders is on of my B’s of my ABC’s of my campaign. That New York City bomb suspect was on a “Security Risk” list — yet he made a reservation, bought a ticket and boarded the plane. Hellooooo! Do you think something is wrong with this picture? My company had a project in Arizona and smack-dab under the border gates, someone built a mile-long tunnel. Please do not try to convince me that our “government” didn’t know about it.

Maybe instead of regulating our auto industry and our banking industry, they might try the borders. A country without protected borders by government is just inviting major problems. Get out of the health-care industry and get into protecting our people. THAT is their job, according to our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

NOOZHAWK: Which current or former congressman or woman do you admire most, and why?

CM: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., then and now was and is my favorite. He served us as speaker from 1995 to 1999. As a member of Congress, Gingrich was re-elected 10 times. He meant what he said and said what he meant. He resigned during the Clinton administration but he maintained a successful career as a political analyst. He keeps the stability of America foremost in his mind. He was our inspiration and initiated the Contract with America in 1994.

He has my three most important traits necessary to be a great congressman: honesty, integrity and intelligence. Need I say more ?

NOOZHAWK: The Treasury Department recently unveiled a redesigned $100 bill. Amid all of the fancy anti-counterfeit measures, there appears to be plenty of room for a cool Noozhawk pin to be added to Ben Franklin’s lapel. Would you support such a fashion statement?

[Noozhawk’s note: Candidate did not respond.]

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Rep. Lois Capps, D-Santa Barbara, who is unopposed in the Democratic primary, did not respond to Noozhawk’s questions.

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