Steve Penniman, vice president of the Santa Barbara Model A Club, will be the featured speaker at the club’s business meeting, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 1 at Southcoast Church, 5814 Cathedral Oaks Road, Goleta.

Penniman, one of the Model A Club’s newest members, will talk about Osiris-REx and a NASA trip to the asteroid Bennu to bring back samples. Penniman worked on the project with Andrew Duerner, son of another club member, Fred Duerner.

The project launched in 2016 and will return to earth with the samples later this year.

Penniman was principal electronic design engineer on the LIDAR project at Advanced Scientific Concept. He graduated from Cal Berkeley in 1968 and has been doing electronic design and software in the Santa Barbara area his full career.

He holds several patents for disk drive servo control and LIDAR image processing. He is currently an independent consultant to the telecom industry.