This year, the Bohnett family hosted the second annual Christmas for Kids at the Westside Boys & Girls Club.

The Bohnett family provided food, piñatas and gifts for all youth members at the club. Youths waited in line for their chance to see Santa, and were welcomed into a room filled with toys to choose from.

This year, Impact Prison Ministries invited parents from Santa Barbara City College’s Single Parents Arriving Ready for College (SPARC) program, supported by the SBCC Foundation, to enjoy this event with their kids.

“Many of the families of our members have neither the time nor funds to hold a traditional holiday celebration,” said Aaron Martinez, Westside Boys & Girls Club director. “With this incredibly generous event, the Bohnett family ensures our members are able to celebrate Christmas this year.”

The Bohnett family has, as a special connection to United Boys & Girls Clubs, Bohnett Park, which sits adjacent to and is utilized by the Westside Boys & Girls Club. The park was named for former Santa Barbara Mayor Floyd Bohnett, who persuaded his Rotary Club to donate the land to the city. Last year, the Bohnett family renovated the park in an ongoing effort to provide a safer environment for local youth.

— Flannery Hill is a publicist representing the United Boys & Girls Clubs.