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Decoding Your Emotional DNA & Shamanism

February 10 @ 7:00 am - March 12 @ 4:00 pm


When did you start dying? Do you feel as though you are not fully alive- that you are lacking in some areas, directionless, or unfulfilled in any way? If so, the key to starting to live again is to discover where the dying began. And believe it or not, it probably didn’t begin with you.

Just as we inherit out physical DNA, we also inherit our emotional DNA, patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions that are unconsciously handed down through our family system. The places where we struggle and feel stuck often signal a pattern that began in response to an ancestor’s experience and that is now trying to change.

With the help of Systemic Work and Constellations, you can explore your emotional DNA in 3-D. Family systems, social systems, even business systems are like constellations of stars in the sky; every member has a fixed place and a role. By setting up a physical, 3-D model of a system, you can literally walk through an issue lodged within that system and experience the dynamic patterns- the relationships, the interactions, the language- in a whole new way. Embodied “AHAs” come swiftly!

Join Systemic Work and Constellations expert Judy Wilkins-Smith and the shaman, Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes, on a journey into the heart of you to unleash who you were meant to be.

During this event you will learn:

• How to START LIVING instead of dying
• What your EMOTIONAL DNA is, where to find it and how to use it
• How to dimensionalize your issues and DREAMS using a constellation
• How to FIND YOUR PURPOSE and writer the chapter that only you can write
• How the UNIVERSE is in service of you


February 10 @ 7:00 am
March 12 @ 4:00 pm


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