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It’s About Connecting - Level 1

October 1, 2016 from 9:00am - 6:00p,

Connection Workshops Presents:
“From Lonely to Connected to Bliss” Workshop Series, beginning with
Level 1 - "It’s About Connecting” in Santa Barbara California,
on Saturday and Sunday October 1st and 2nd, 2016. This is a 2 day event.

For Singles and Couples.

This workshop will help you become more open, fulfilled and happy,
leading you to a richer, more joyful life through deep and meaningful connections!
Do your relationships work?
Do you feel loved and appreciated?
Do you want to be more connected to yourself and others?

In "It's About Connecting" Workshop we will explore what our needs are
and how we can fulfill them. With skillful help from Roberto and Ronit,
our workshop leaders, we will explore, release and overcome
unconscious beliefs and patterns that may no longer serve us and
may be in the way of fully connecting with others.

Join us for a fascinating and enriching workshop in beautiful Santa Barbara,
a warm weekend of curiosity, fun, safety, connection and lots of LOVE!

This workshop is sure to be warm, touching, empowering and freeing!

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I hope you will join us for the magic of “It’s About Connecting”! 


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