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Race and Necropolitics in the Age of Intelligent Machines: Sylvester Johnson

April 26, 2016 from 6pm - 7pm

Humans have become skilled at developing machines that think and reason. Intelligent machines can already write novels, create poetry, and compose music. They are also being used to target and kill humans in warfare and to surveil suspect populations for law enforcement. As intelligent machines become more complex and powerful, they may well threaten the future of a human race or even redefine the architecture of racism. Will humans become one with intelligent machines? Will these machines threaten the very existence of human? Will a new race of machine-enhanced humans emerge to dominate the rest? Sylvester A. Johnson examines the challenges created by the rise of intelligent machines and their use in domains ranging from healthcare and education to warfare, religion and policing. Sylvester Johnson is Associate Professor of African American Studies & Religious Studies at Northwestern University.


Event Details

  • Organizer/Sponsor: Nonprofit General
  • Starts: April 26, 2016 6pm - 7pm
  • Price: Free
  • Location: MCC Lounge
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