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SB Audubon Evening Monthly Progam

April 22, 2015 from 7:30PM - 9:00PM

Please join us for our free monthly program.  This month's topic:  Evolutionary Divergence in Timema Stick Insects

Speaker:  Dr.  Patrik Nosil, Nosil Lab of Evolutionary Biology, University of Sheffield in the UK

Dr. Nosil describes how studies of plant-feeding stick insects in California have yielded new insights into the adaptation of organisms to their environment, the formation of new species, and the nature of ecological communities. Ecological field studies can now be combined with genome sequencing to better understand biological diversity. The synthesis of traditional field ecology and cutting-edge genetic sequencing is creating opportunities for continuing advancement in evolutionary biology.

Patrik Nosil is an ecologist and evolutionary biologist based at the University of Sheffield in the UK.  He has conducted field studies of insects in California for the last 15 years.  Dr. Nosil and his lab’s work have a local connection. Timema cristinae, one of their target study stick insects, was first described by and named for Dr. Cristina Sandoval, Director of Coal Oil Point Reserve at UCSB.


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