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Science Pub: Acid In Our Oceans

January 27, 2014 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Join our fun and friendly conversation, and quench your thirst for
knowledge about science and nature.
Whether you are a science genius, or not-so-science-savvy, you are
invited to participate in stimulating discussions and partake in some
lively libations. Open to ages 21+ and no tickets or reservations
required. Be sure to get to Dargan's early for a seat and to order your
favorite drink and food.
Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution carbon dioxide (CO2)
levels in the ocean have increased alongside CO2 levels in the
atmosphere. Like terrestrial plants that convert CO2 from the
atmosphere to solid organic carbon, microscopic marine plants called
coccolithophores can convert CO2 in sea water to solid inorganic
carbon in the form of their beautiful microscopic shells. The deposition
of these shells on the ocean floor constitutes the main mechanism by
which the oceans sequester carbon.
But the chemistry of seawater is changing. Increasing CO2 levels
have resulted in acidification of seawater and it is unclear how the
coccolithophores will respond. Will they continue to convert carbon as
ocean waters become increasingly acidic or will their shells dissolve?
Will there be a decline in this important group of marine plants? Both
the short and long term consequences have far-reaching societal


Event Details

  • Organizer/Sponsor: sbnature2
  • Starts: January 27, 2014 6:30pm - 8:00pm
  • Price: Free
  • Location: Dargan's Santa Barbara 18 E. Ortega St. Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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