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Screening History: Preserved 35mm Newsreels

January 22, 2014 from 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Jeff Bickel, Newsreel Preservationist at the UCLA Film & Television Archive, and Mark Quigley, Manager of the UCLA Film & Television Archive Research and Study Center, will join UC Santa Barbara professors Charles Wolfe and Ross Melnick to introduce this rare material from the UCLA vaults and be part of a panel discussion about the tremendous influence of newsreels on historical memory and contemporary news coverage and the impetus for future film preservation.

Before the ubiquity of television, millions viewed national and international news at movie theaters—not in living rooms—through ten-minute newsreels produced by MGM, Fox, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, and other news distributors. From the Hindenburg to the Holocaust, history was shot, edited, and projected on film in mainstream cinemas and in newsreel theaters. Screening History will bring this era back to life by showcasing some of the 20th century’s most dramatic events as captured by the newsreel cameramen and women of Hearst Metrotone News and News of the Day (1929-1967).


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