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Understanding ISIS: Ideology, Growth and Strategy for its Demise

October 19, 2015 from 5:00pm

Arya A. Amirie, Ph.D., is an expert on Iranian and Middle East politics. His journey from Iran to New York eventually led to his becoming a foreign policy adviser to President Reagan from 1979-1984. He has taught Middle East politics at the University of Tehran, at Kent State University, UCLA and UC Irvine.

He is co-founder of the Nevada Center for International Research and Policy. Prior to his advising President Reagan, Amirie founded the Iranian institute for International, Political and Economic Studies, a research institute that advised the Shah of Iran on foreign policy.

With more than 15 years of experience teaching Middle Eastern politics, Amirie offers in-depth knowledge about the languages and culture of the region.

Amirie is the honorary president of the Civil Service Academy, which prepares women and minorities for careers in law enforcement. He co-founded the academy in 1987 with his wife, Susan Amirie, who is the academy’s dean of academic instruction.

Amirie has authored three books on Middle East Politics and an autobiography, Unparalleled Journey, detailing his rise from his humble beginnings in Central Iran, where he raised lambs to help pay for school, to prominence as an adviser on global affairs. 

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