CenCal Health has been recognized by the Department of Health Care Services for exceptional quality of care as measured by independently-certified HEDIS results reported to the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

This commendation was earned in recognition of exceptional performance for CenCal Health’s Santa Barbara County HMO product, based on the number of results for which CenCal Health rated in the best 10th percentile for Medicaid plans nationally. Medicaid is administered as “Medi-Cal” in the State of California.

This prized award was earned based on HEDIS 2013 results. This recognition was particularly significant since, barring a tie in the scoring for any particular award, only four quality of care awards are available for approximately 38 DHCS Medi-Cal regions statewide.

This year’s results reflect an improvement upon the results reported during 2013, which recently earned recognition from the DHCS for the quality care CenCal Health members can access.

“This marks the seventh such Quality Award earned by CenCal Health for the quality of care that our plan and its providers make possible for our Medi-Cal membership,” said Bob Freeman, CenCal Health CEO. “I would like to thank our staff and provider partners who deliver high quality care to our members each day. Everyone’s contribution to this achievement is genuinely appreciated.”

CenCal Health has earned many DHCS Quality Awards since 2000, when DHCS first developed a system to reliably measure and compare the quality of care delivered by Medi-Cal managed care plans. Since that time, CenCal Health has earned three gold awards, one silver award, one bronze award and two honorable mention awards.

Areas of Excellence

For CenCal Health’s Santa Barbara County Medi-Cal program, performance rated among the best Medicaid managed care plans for two vital aspects of diabetes management, including hemoglobin A1c control (59% had A1c levels <8.0%) and diabetic eye exams (70% had a recommended retinal exam). CenCal Health also sustained a year-over-year track record of excellent childhood immunization rates (85% completed a comprehensive series of timely childhood vaccinations). San Luis Obispo County Medi-Cal providers also achieved an excellent level of performance for members with controlled hemoglobin A1c levels <8.0% (61%).

A complete summary of CenCal Health’s latest HEDIS 2014 results are available for review by clicking here.

— Kelly Kapaun is a publicist representing CenCal Health.