On Tuesday, Jan. 27, Central Coast McDonald’s will celebrate the creation of the Egg McMuffin with $1 sandwiches during breakfast hours.

Invented more than 40 years ago by the late local franchisee owner, Herb Peterson, each Egg McMuffin order is made with a freshly cracked Grade A egg, lean Canadian bacon, melty American cheese and a toasted English muffin.

“Herb Peterson and his innovative Egg McMuffin are a special chapter in the story of McDonald’s,” said Dana Cook, local owner/operator and Central Coast co-op president. “We are proud of this history and that it happened here in our backyard. This little sandwich changed the course of the food-service industry.”

In 1968, Peterson opened his first McDonald’s restaurant in Santa Barbara and later expanded his business to become the owner/operator of the six McDonald’s restaurants in Santa Barbara and Goleta. At the time, no other quick service restaurant offered breakfast, and Peterson asked a local blacksmith to make an iron ring to keep eggs round and tidy as they were cooked for a hand-held sandwich.

Modeled after Peterson’s personal breakfast favorite, eggs Benedict, he presented his breakfast product idea to McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, and in 1972, the Egg McMuffin became the first McDonald’s breakfast item. Click here to learn more about the birth and legacy of the Egg McMuffin.

The first Herb Peterson Day took place Jan. 5, 2009, what would have been Peterson’s 90th birthday and just months after his passing. Today, it is an annual tradition for the Central Coast.

The Egg McMuffin is just one of the Wholesome Starts breakfast items offered by McDonald’s, and at 300 calories a serving, it can be part of a balanced meal. Forty years after revolutionizing the American breakfast menu with the introduction of the Egg McMuffin sandwich, breakfast at McDonald’s continues to evolve, with a variety of choices including Fruit & Maple Oatmeal and a full line-up of McCafé® beverages.

In addition, McDonald’s launched in 2013 the Egg White Delight McMuffin® breakfast sandwich nationally, an alternative to the legendary Egg McMuffin that was developed locally in Central Coast. It is made with freshly grilled 100 percent egg whites, extra lean Canadian Bacon, and white cheddar* on an English muffin also made with 8 grams of whole grain.