Vandenberg Air Force Base’s Airfield Operations team supported an emergency landing of a Cessna 206 on the runway at the base Thursday afternoon.

According to the report, four local residents were on board when the aircraft landed. One crew member jumped out of the aircraft around 2,000 feet, pulled his reserve chute and landed safely near the airfield at Vandenberg.

“A base member saw the parachutist land near the airfield,” said Lt. Col. Dieter Haney, Operations Support Squadron commander. “He did the right thing, followed standard protocol and turned the individual over to the Security Forces.”

According to Anthony Galvan, transient alert and maintenance member for United Paradyne, this is not the first time this aircraft had an emergency landing on Vandenberg’s runway.

“This is the second time that this same aircraft has landed here,” Galvan said. “A few years ago it called in for an emergency landing for the same issue — a blown engine.”

According to Galvan, the pilot managed to provide a safe, smooth, yet unpowered landing.

The 30th Space Wing emergency response team reported no injuries or any damage to the runway.

The aircraft is part of Sky Dive Santa Barbara and typically operates out of the Lompoc Airfield. Members from the Lompoc Airfield are scheduled to disassemble the Cessna and transport the aircraft off base early next week.