Santa Barbara welcomes a new incredible resource to the community, Changes Outpatient Wellness Center, which is focused on providing confidential recovery treatment from alcohol and substance abuse.

Changes offers a day program that started offering sessions in August. 

William Oswald, CEO, also owner of Summit Malibu Treatment Center, and Santa Barbara native Jeffrey Clark, COO, have collaborated to create an outpatient recovery program that is both traditionally therapeutic and uniquely holistic.

Designed by well-seasoned professionals, the intention of Changes is to meet the individual needs of those wanting transformation to a new way of life and personal healing.

 Located in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, the boutique style of treatment gives Changes’ clients a unique treatment opportunity.

The services provided at Changes are extremely hands-on and engineered to the needs of each individual client. The therapeutic services will include individual sessions with licensed therapists, group therapy, neuro/biofeedback, experiential therapy, nutrition, yoga and meditation.

Clients are offered introductions to 12 step and other support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Refuge Recovery and Smart Recovery. This provides a broad range of support beyond the curriculum.

Changes also maintains access to a network of sober livings and therapeutic support in Santa Barbara.

The battle with substance abuse can be traumatizing for the individual as well as family, friends and at work. The staff at Changes are very passionate about helping people achieve sustained sobriety by enriching the mind, body and soul of each client. 

Changes is for men and women 18 years of age and above. The team at Changes intends to be included in a strong existing network of health organizations here in the County of Santa Barbara while strengthening the community one client at a time.

— Kelley Starr Donahue represents the Changes Outpatient Wellness Center.