The Theatre Group at Santa Barbara City College will hold auditions for “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” 5:30-8:30 p.m. Dec. 3 in Garvin Theatre. Callbacks will be Dec. 10. 

The play, based on the novel by Mark Haddon, is adapted by Simon Stephens and directed by Katie Laris.

The play is about Christopher, a tenacious and intelligent teenager who’s better at solving math equations than navigating a world that’s stubbornly out of sync with how his mind works. After being wrongly accused of murdering his neighbor’s dog, he resolves to find the real culprit and embarks on a thrilling adventure to uncover the mystery.

The production will require the ability to move well. We are looking for British accents, and neurodiverse actors are encouraged to audition. Many of the actors will be playing multiple characters. 

Parts include:

Christopher Boone: (15) A brilliant young mathematician and amateur detective, must be able to hold the stage, as well as fully inhabit the character.

Ed Boone: (mid-30s to late 50s) Father of Christopher, estranged from his wife, Judy, and struggling. A working-class man who is proud, gruff and brusque.

Siobhan: (Late 20’s-late 30’s) Teacher and mentor, the only person in Christopher’s life with an understanding of his situation. 

Judy Boone: (mid 30s-mid 50s) Christopher’s mother, estranged from husband, Ed, a hard-edged, working-class woman, impatient but trying to be a good mother.

Mrs. Shears/Mrs. Gascoyne/Others: (35-45) Mrs. Shears is Roger’s ex-wife and Christopher’s unhappy neighbor. Mrs. Gascoyne is a cold and uncaring headmistress.     

Roger Shears/Duty Sergeant/Others (35-45) Mrs. Shears’ ex-husband, a middle-class bank employee who has gone off with Judy. Duty Sergeant is a kind local police officer.

Mrs. Alexander/Others:  (60-85) Christopher’s neighbor, a lonely not well off woman.

Reverend Peters/Station Policeman/Others (35-60) Reverend Peters is a thoughtful and caring vicar. Station Policeman comes off poorly in a battle of wits with Christopher.

Policeman 1/Mr. Thompson/Man with Socks/Others (18-40) Policeman 1 is a Swindon police officer who arrests Christopher. Mr. Thompson is a neighbor that Christopher interviews during his investigation. Man with Socks is a guy waiting for the tube in London. 

No. 40/Information/Punk Girl/Others: Female, (20-36) No. 40 is a neighbor of Christopher’s. Information is a busy clerk. Punk Girl is a young woman in the tube station.

Email Christina Frank at for an audition appointment and to receive play and sides for the characters.  Readers will be present at the auditions.