The City of Santa Barbara reminds drivers that if they encounter a dark intersection where the traffic signals are inoperative, it must be treated as an all-way stop.

When traffic lights are inoperative, failure to stop at the normally controlled intersection prior to proceeding through the intersection when safe is a citable offense (Vehicle Code section 21800 (d)(1)) and carries a $238 fine.

The City of Santa Barbara shares the frustration of residents and business owners over the recent power outages. On Jan. 15, another significant power outage hit the downtown area. In addition to the power outages at businesses and residences, 19 of the city’s traffic signals lost power. The city has no control over the power outages.

During the recent power outage, an injury collision occurred at Haley and Laguna streets due to both drivers failing to treat the intersection as an all-way stop. Please use extreme caution when driving on Santa Barbara streets when the power is out.

— Derrick Bailey is a supervising transportation engineer for the City of Santa Barbara.