With so many forces in the world working to drive people apart, a project at the Community Arts Workshop is creating an opportunity for unity with Cuentos del Pueblo, a community-based storytelling theater project.

The program of 12 free weekly workshops, led by local director Joseph Velasco with mural artist Carlos Cuellar and musician Sio Tepper, will be 5-8 p.m. Wednesdays starting Sept. 12 at Community Arts Workshop, 631 Garden St., Santa Barbara.

Cuentos del Pueblo is seeking individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs, who want to share their stories, learn from teachers, and meet their neighbors. The program is designed for participants interested in:

Learning storytelling, theater, mural art, and music from local artists.
Conversations with their neighbors about what the local community is and what residents want it to be.

To learn more, email cuentos@sbcaw.org or call 805-324-7443.

Cuentos del Pueblo is a project of the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative Residency Program at the Community Arts Workshop. Funding provided by the Santa Barbara Foundation.

To apply or get ore information about the program, visit sbcaw.org/cuentos.

— Community Arts Workshop.