YurView Honors Black History Month (Cox Communications photo)

Throughout the month of February, in honor of Black History Month, Cox Communications’ YurView network will air special programming celebrating the life, history and culture of Black Americans.   

“During Black History Month, we’ll air special programming all month long to highlight the achievements, courage and struggles of Black Americans – from eye-opening interviews and historical perspectives to thought-provoking documentaries and inspirational stories,” said Gary Seideman, California market manager for Yurview Network.  

YurView Honors Black History Month

YurView Honors Black History Month (Cox Communications photo)

Below is a list of programs to watch on Cox Channel 4 (check local listings for air times and replays) or YurView.com.  

  • The Rising: The Rising is an inspirational documentary series celebrating the contributions of Black athletes worldwide and recognizing the importance of the many courageous acts that have brought about change in sports and well beyond. 
  • Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story: By 1970, Muhammad Ali had been exiled from boxing for his stance against the Vietnam War, stripped of his title, and convicted of draft evasion. But in Atlanta, a diverse group came together to ensure he received his rightful comeback. 
  • Out of Darkness: Out of Darkness is a three-part documentary examining the untold history of African people, their cultural contribution to nations of the world and the events that have contributed to the condition of African people today.  
  • Everyday Heroes: Black History Month: Everyday Heroes examines the lives of several individuals, including baseball legend Jackie Robinson and U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General Charles Brown Jr. 
  • America’s Black Forum: America’s Black Forum is a weekly half-hour syndicated newsmagazine series hosted by political analyst Marc Morial. Each week, America’s Black Forum will feature in-depth and engaging interviews with newsmakers, influencers, business entrepreneurs, artists, health and wellness experts, and social justice leaders. Featured interviews include Vice President Kamala Harris, poet laureate Amanda Gorman, and Black Lives Matter founders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, among others.  
  • America’s Untold Journey: America’s Untold Journey chronicles the 450-year arc of continuous African American history, beginning in 1565 in Spanish Florida and continuing to present day. The story reveals startling untold facts about the importance of African American involvement in the nation’s creation. Interviews with experts and vivid imagery combine to shed a fascinating new light on the role that they and their ancestors played in American history—and ultimately the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 
  • The Color of Medicine: The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital: The Color of Medicine documents the rise and fall of what would become the number one African American hospital in the world, located in St. Louis, Mo. Homer G. Phillips Hospital provided state-of-the-art medical training to over two-thirds of all African American physicians and nurses in the U.S. and abroad from 1937 to 1979. While its founder was mysteriously killed, the hospital in his name thrived during the most turbulent of segregated times, allowing many people of color to achieve greatness for the benefit of humankind. 
  • You Belong to Me: Sex, Race and Murder in the South: Ruby McCollum’s landmark case haunted jurors for decades. This is the story of an African American woman who killed a prominent white doctor/Senator-elect in Live Oak, Fla. after being subjected to years of sexual abuse. Remarkable secrets and terrible truths were revealed during her trial and incarceration, which paved the way for change in our society. 

More information about Black History Month programming on YurView can be found at: https://www.yurview.com/featured/2022-black-history-month-yurview-programming/