To the people of Santa Barbara,

I don’t really know where to start, but I will do my best.

I would like to start with the accident scene where this incredible situation occurred. I’d like to thank the two heroes who provided first aid on scene — William who saved my wife’s life and Nick who saved my life — and the continued support they’ve given us.

The police officers who did so much more over and above their duties, the firefighters who responded with speed and outpouring of concern, and the paramedics who responded to us with compassion and reassurance after the accident.

All the things that these men and women have done for my family and the visits to the hospital by these first responders meant so much to my wife and I.

I’d like to thank the great doctors, nurses and hospital support staff that aided in our recovery; and the extraordinary care we received from Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, all of whom we will hold close to our hearts.

The people of Santa Barbara are so fortunate to have such a great support system.

I’d like to thank the district attorneys, Joyce Dudley and Arnie Tolks and their office, for their support and for caring so much. I’ve seen firsthand how much she cares for and wants to protect the citizens of the community.

To Barbara and Hadi who stopped to help our friends, gave them a car to drive to the hospital, gave my wife flowers and wore their hearts on their sleeves.

The cards, the phone calls and bike clubs that visited, we thank you all.

We now have a special bond with William and Nick. Thank you, Santa Barbara, from my family and my friends.

Thank you Greg Rueb, who supported us through all the legal stuff you have made our lives so much more bearable.

God bless.

Jim Atwood
Ontario, Canada