The fitness world is used to the drastic peaks and valleys of the latest fitness trend or diet. Just a few years ago, CrossFit was the latest hot trend, which many expected to crash and burn like many trends before it, but those people are still waiting.

CrossFit boasts more than 6,000 affiliates globally and keeps growing, making its way into virtually every city and even into pop culture.

Santa Barbara has seen this astronomical growth firsthand with at least four CrossFit gyms in the area. When Traver Boehm and Eric Malzone opened the doors to CrossFit Pacific Coast in June 2009, there was only one other CrossFit gym in town. Over the four years since, they have established CrossFit Pacific Coast as the pre-eminent CrossFit gym on the Central Coast with more than 225 members.

Malzone and Boehm, two friends and former college water polo teammates living on opposite sides of the state, decided to open their own CrossFit gym via text. They settled on Santa Barbara as their destination, packed their bags and moved without knowing a single person in town.

On the surface, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program defined by constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements, but as Boehm says, “The heart of any CrossFit gym is the community within it, and we couldn’t be happier with the way Santa Barbara has embraced us, and our gym.”

CrossFit Pacific Coast has created a close community of like-minded individuals who come from all walks of life, and all athletic levels from former Olympic athletes to grandmothers. Over four years, they have many testimonials from members who have made dramatic fitness improvements, including weight loss as much as 50 pounds.

As their business has grown, CrossFit Pacific Coast has adapted, offering new programs such as an endurance program, and training new coaches from their own membership. They have nine CrossFit certified coaches on staff and offer an array of programs outside of traditional CrossFit, including Foundation Training, Natural Running Seminars, Self Defense Classes, Team training a CrossfIt Competition team and lots more.

— Mike McElhaney is a publicist representing CrossFit Pacific Coast.