David Crosby rocked The Granada with a set of classic songs and enticing tales from rock and roll’s past. (Steve Kennedy photo)

Central Coast local and guitar legend David Crosby played a solo acoustic show at The Granada Theatre, an extra-special place for the songwriter as it was the first place he ever had a job.

A night of solo Crosby gave him the opportunity to play on an intimate level with no competition from a band or special guests.

Croz, as he is affectionately known, pledged all proceeds from the show to the Safe Energy Project, a group that is working locally to develop micro-grid energy that utilizes renewable energy sources and decreases dependence on the large energy grid system.  

With his indelible voice, Croz showed off the strength of his pipes and his ability to bring the audience in and softly, gently whisk them away with songs of love and dreams.  

Some of the best parts of the show were between songs, when the performer would reminisce about days gone by. He told stories of singing vocals with Bob Dylan and shared his memory of meeting and connecting with famed Beatle George Harrison, who credited Croz with introducing him to the music of Ravi Shankar.

No Crosby show would be complete without him expressing his strong beliefs on the current political system, corporate greed and his anti-nuke stance against Diablo Canyon.

In a night showcased by his punchy low-end vocals and soaring high-end melodies, Croz explained that he would be excited to come back again and play, though the trip wouldn’t be a long one.

Croz crooned for a crowd of fans, mixing low vocals with sweeping acoustic melodies.

Croz crooned for a crowd of fans, mixing low vocals with sweeping acoustic melodies. (Steve Kennedy photo)