The Channel League-champion Dos Pueblos girls cross country team consists of, from left: Estella Ye, Phoebe Wolfe-Lyons, Reese Wahlberg, Maddie Choi, Ella Kenly, Ellie Gleason, Katie Hellman. (Barry Punzal / Noozhawk photo)

One team champion and both individual race winners won in a runaway, but there was still plenty of drama at Wednesday’s Channel League Cross Country Championships at Dos Pueblos.

Dos Pueblos senior Joseph Pearlman and freshman Phoebe Wolfe Lyons ran away from their competition to capture the individual titles, and the DP girls dominated to claim the team championship.

Wolfe-Lyons ran 19:38.91 to lead six Chargers in the top 12 en route to 27 points.  Santa Barbara High was second with 67 points, followed by San Marcos (78), Lompoc (85), Cabrillo (132) and Santa Ynez (135).

Dylan Richardson is congratulated by his Dos Pueblos teammates after the team learns his finish broke a tie with San Marcos to give the Chargers the Channel League title.

Dylan Richardson is congratulated by his Dos Pueblos teammates after the team learns his finish broke a tie with San Marcos to give the Chargers the Channel League title. (Barry Punzal / Noozhawk photo)

Pearlman covered the 3-mile, on-campus course in 15 minutes, 57.4 seconds to lead Dos Pueblos  to the boys championship in a tight finish.

The Chargers and San Marcos were deadlocked 39-39. The tie would be broken by the placement of the teams’ No. 6 runner.

Junior Dylan Richardson of DP had the better finish (19th in 17:34.75), giving the Chargers the title. Santa Barbara came in third with 85 points, followed by Cabrillo (88), Lompoc (131) and Santa Ynez (146).

Richardson was told of his achievement while on his post-race cool-down run. Later, coach Nash Jimenez shared the news with the entire cross country team during their post-meet team meeting.

Richardson was overcome with emotion.

“I was in shock, honestly,” said Richardson of the news. “I almost given up on the league championship. I had already started my cool down but when they came up and told me that we won it and it was a tiebreaker, it was just incredible.

“A tie in cross country is pretty rare, so the fact we tied and then it came down to the number six runner was really amazing.”

Pearlman was thrilled for his teammate. “That was very fun. That was amazing to see,” he said.

Dos Pueblos, San Marcos and Santa Barbara will be Channel League’s three representatives at the CIF Prelims in Riverside next week.

The Dos Pueblos girls will represent as league champion, but the next two qualifiers won’t be determined until Thursday morning after a meeting among the league’s athletic directors.

They’re meeting to decide how to break a three-way tie for second place.

After Wednesday’s results, Santa Barbara, San Marcos and Lompoc finished deadlocked for second place. The three teams each finished with six points based on their placements at the championship and midseason meets.

Santa Barbara was second in the championship meet and fourth in the midseason meet; San Marcos placed third in both meets and Lompoc came in fourth and second, respectively.

Santa Barbara coach Olivia Perdices said the Channel League bylaws don’t include tie-breaking procedures for CIF berths, but felt a higher finish at the league championship meet should carry more weight in determining a CIF qualifier.

“I was under the impression today was the tiebreaker and I walk away with second place, but apparently the ADs are saying that’s not actually written in the bylaws,” said a frustrated Perdices. “There’s nothing in the bylaws that covers how to break a tie, which is obviously something that was overlooked by the athletic directors when we merged leagues.

“Common sense says that today breaks the tie,” she added. “I mean, common sense says that, that you go with today’s order. It’s the league championship meet — it’s the strongest team at the point of the season that you’re going into the postseason. 

“But it’s out of my hands.”

In the girls varsity race, Wolfe Lyons opened up a huge lead early and won convincingly.

“It’s really exciting. It was a lot of fun,” said the freshman. “I put in a lot of hard work and worked really hard in training and stuff like that. and to see it all come together,  it’s great.”

She credited her teammates for keeping her relaxed. 

“Knowing my team was there behind me and supporting me, and knowing this course, I’m comfortable with it,” she said of the pressure of running in big meet. “Being able to just relax and go out there and do my best, it relieves a lot of pressure.”

Jimenez wasn’t surprised by his freshman’s performance.

“We anticipated that. I’ve been coaching her for a while,” he said. “We knew we could do it. It’s a matter now of advancing her ability … to get stronger.”

Estelle Ye (20:39.82) and Madeline Choi (20:41.56) took fourth and fifth, respectively, Gabriela Kenly (20:44.50) was seventh, Elliot Gleason (21:06.40) 10th and Katherine Hellman (21:23.68) 12th for the Chargers.

“The girls all came together, which is good. It was a team effort,” said Jimenez.

San Marcos freshman Shaina King ran well in her first championship race, clocking 20:22.53 for second place. Lompoc’s Mallory Branum took third in 20:27:48.

Santa Barbara’s top finisher was Clara Aviani in sixth in 20:44.56.

In the boys race, Santa Barbara’s Jake Ballantine stayed on Pearlman’s heels for a little more than two miles before Pearlman pulled away. Ballantine came in second in 16:10.12.

“I just start slow, set the pace and then bring it up,” said Pearlman of his race game plan. “I know what I’m doing, I know what everybody else is doing, so I was never really worried.”

He was worried, however, about San Marcos overtaking the Chargers for first place.

“I was very nervous. I thought I counted five San Marcos guys in front of our fifth,” he said.  

Will Snyder led the Royals’ pack with a third-place finish at 16:21.25. Jacob Snodgress was fourth at 16:21, Ethan Dwelley (16:41.64) came in sixth, Arran Dwelley (17:08.78) in 12th and Chase Plourde (17:17.84) in 14th.

Foster Young was DP’s No. 2 finisher, taking fifth in 16:31.59. He was followed by Peter Speier (16:50) in seventh, Logan Beckstrand (16:54.67) in eighth, Orlando Ye (17:33.67) in 18th and Richardson in 19th.


Team scores: Dos Pueblos 39, San Marcos 39, Santa Barbara 85, Cabrillo 88, Lompoc 131. Note: Dos Pueblos wins tiebreaker on 6th runner,Dylan Richardson


1. Joseph Pearlman, Dos Pueblos, 15:57.4

2. Jake Ballantine, SBHS, 16:10.12

3. Will Snyder, San Marcos 16:21.25

4. Jacob Snodgress, San Marcos, 16:21.75

5. Foster Young, DP, 16:31.59

6. Ethan Dwelley, San Marcos 16:41.64

7. Peter Speier, DP, 16:50.24

8. Logan Beckstrand, DP, 16:54.67

9. Angelo Ortiz, Lompoc, 17:00.74

10. Amir Walton, SBHS, 17:01.20

11. Collin Wells, SBHS, 17:06.78

12. Arran Dwelley, San Marcos, 17:08.78

13. Jacob Brown, Cabrillo, 17:15.01

14. Chase Plourde, San Marcos, 17:17.84

15. Kaden Jones, Cabrillo, 17:20.96

16. Joey Linane, Santa Ynez, 17:28.79

17. Jacob Hinshaw, Cabrillo, 17:31.30

18. Orlando Ye, DP, 17:33.67

19. Dylan Richardson, DP, 17:34.75

20. Corrin Jure, Cabrillo, 17:43


Team scores Dos Pueblos 27, Santa Barbara 67, San Marcos 78, Lompoc 85, Cabrillo 132, Santa Ynez 135

1. Phoebe Wolfe-Lyons, Dos Pueblos, 19:38.91

2.  Shaina King, San Marcos, 20:22,53

3.  Mallory Branum, Lompoc, 20:27.48

4.  Estelle Ye, DP, 20:39. 82

5. Madeline Choi, DP, 20:41.56

6. Clara Aviani, SBHS, 20:44.56

7. Gabriela Kenly, DP, 20:44.50

8. Alyssa Hess, Cabrillo, 20:49.23

9.  Elena Everest, SBHS, 21:00

10. Elliot Gleason, DP, 21:06.40

11. Kendra Hockett, Lompoc, 21:17.26

12. Katherine Hellman, DP,  21:23.68

13. Reese Wahlberg, DP, 21:35.69

14.  Daisy McToldridge, SBHS, 21:54.52

15. Talia Hamilton, San Marcos 21:59.23

16. Katherine Hedrick, SBHS, 22:05.37

17. Kathryn Chenoweth, San Marcos, 22:09.20

18. Victoria Carrillo, Lompoc, 22:14.82

19. Lyzette Gonzalez, Lompoc, 22:15.39

20 Nayeli Torres, Santa Ynez, 22:15.96

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