?ERG, a Santa Maria energy company with primary operations located in Cat Canyon, is “giving forward” to local causes aimed at producing lasting and impactful results in our community.

With many worthy causes to support and ERG’s focus on long-term, positive effects, the company has developed and committed to a strategic giving program to ensure its contributions are fully leveraged. In recent months, ERG has donated more than $22,000 in funds as well as human resources to Blochman School in Sisquoc, the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center, Shoes for Students, the Santa Maria Valley YMCA and others.

ERG’s Focus Giving Areas are as follows:

» Educational — programs and/or projects based on campus

» Children — supports a child’s physical, emotional and/or social growth

» Youth and Families — provides resources for the betterment of daily life

To be eligible for consideration, a nonprofit organization must fall into one of the three giving areas and be located in Santa Barbara County. Also, the organization must have a clear mission, effectively organized, provide evidence of delivery of services, and show evidence of the impact on the recipients.

The deadline for our current round of giving is Dec. 15.

All organizations requesting funds must complete a grant application and submit it with all required documentation. Click here for more details and ERG’s application. For more information, contact Tina Frontado at SBphilanthropy@gmail.com.

— Tina Frontado represents ERG.