U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao has announced the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded $340,809 in supplemental funding to Santa Barbara Municipal Airport for airport infrastructure grants.

This funding is in addition to the $262 million already awarded to California in Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding through this current fiscal year. Overall, Chao has announced $3.1 billion in regular AIP grants nationally this year alone.

“This additional funding will help revitalize and strengthen critical infrastructure projects at airports like Santa Barbara,” Chao said.

The grant will provide money to rebuild the airport’s northeast apron. An apron is the area where aircraft park, load and unload passengers and cargo, or refuel.

This grant is one of 37 grants to airports in 34 states. Projects include runway reconstruction and rehabilitation, and the maintenance of taxiways, aprons, terminals and other infrastructure projects.

The construction and equipment supported by the funding increases the airport’s safety, capacity, and related issues. These improvements could support further potential growth and development within each airport’s region.

Congress provided the supplemental funding through the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018. The FAA published a Federal Register notice on July 9, which explained the statutory rules, evaluation criteria, and submission process.

The remainder of the $1 billion will be awarded during fiscal years 2019 and 2020, based on requests submitted by Oct. 31.

Under Chao’s leadership, the FAA will administer the supplemental program in coordination with the regular annual AIP grant program to strengthen the safety and efficiency of America’s airports.

U.S. infrastructure, especially its 3,300 airports increases the country’s competitiveness and improves the traveling public’s quality of life.

According to the FAA’s most recent economic analysis, U.S. civil aviation accounts for $1.6 trillion in total economic activity and supports nearly 11 million jobs.
For the list of grants, including the supplemental and regular AIP grant awards, visit https://www.faa.gov/airports/aip/aip_supplemental_appropriation/.

— Ian Gregor for Federal Aviation Administration.