Leo Downey

Former Santa Barbara singer-songwriter Leo Downey’s new book, Soultracker: Following Beauty, will soon be available everywhere books are sold.

Soultracker describes the path Downey walked to follow beauty — from California heading a rock band, to the desert wilderness, thriving and surviving alone on a path that led him to Canada, where he has raised a herd of buffalo for the last 16 years.

You can purchase Soultracker: Following Beauty and also Downey’s CD collection from rock to Spanish instrumental at and wherever books are sold. Video clips and soundtrack, time lapse and stills, Downey’s writing and music and his life with the buffalo are presented at his new website as art and to educate people who visit the ranch from all over the world.

“Longtime singer-songwriter and former Montecito resident Leo Downey was an upcoming rock star with a 3 record deal,” producer Vince Chafin said. “He dated celebrities, Playboy Bunnies and Bonnie Raitt and had the world at his feet. He left the world for the Earth, and walked into the wilderness to follow a deeper calling.”

“Downey is a brilliant guitarist with a superb instrumental acoustic guitar album and an equally fascinating rock record,” according to Los Angeles Reader. “Downey is a major talent who bears repeated listening, no matter what, Downey is a must see!”

For a personally signed copy of Soultracker, click here for his KickStarter page. The campaign ends Sunday. Click here to book a stay on the ranch.

Downey can be reached at 250.344.4779 or, or click here.