Regarding the Jan. 14 article, “New Housing Project Possibly Headed for La Cumbre Plaza as Questions Loom Over Height Limits,” when I read about the 750- and 1,000-square-foot apartments — at market rate — proposed for the Macy’s lower parking lot, I didn’t see an accompanying poll of actual working people here to see if they wanted them.

Small units such as these are likely to become second and third homes for wealthy out-of-towners and not serve the needs of our local workforce. Great for the developers to cram in as many units as possible; not great for the community.

And only 50 units of affordable housing? Really? The City of Santa Barbara can negotiate for more.

Finally, while I’m on the subject of the Macy’s parcel, let me put in a pitch for a park, which is sorely needed in that neighborhood.

Barbara Greenleaf
Santa Barbara

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Thank you for Noozhawk’s coverage of the recent storms. It’s reassuring to have a reliable source for news in northern Santa Barbara County. Keep up the good work!

Ben Morgan

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