Regarding Alex Richard’s April 23 letter to the editor about Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen’s April 23 column, “Parking Congestion Drives Frustration at Montecito’s Hot Springs Trailhead”:

perfervid: adjective


Definition of perfervid: extremely or extravagantly eager; impassioned or zealous. Very fervid or hot; very ardent.

I’ll use it in a sentence: The perversity of Alex Richard’s limited reading comprehension was exposed by Bill Macfadyen’s perfervid use of big words.

D. Nelson
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

If there’s a contest for the dumbest Noozhawk reader, I would like to nominate Alex Richard.

Sean McCafferty
Isla Vista

•        •        •

Alex Richard is the LeBron James of Noozhawk readers.

Pete Martínez
Santa Barbara

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My condolences to the family of sportswriter Dave Loveton (“Longtime Local Sports Journalist Dave Loveton Dies at Age 62”).

I always enjoyed his sports stories back when my kids were student athletes at San Marcos High School decades ago, and I was glad to see that he had later joined Noozhawk.

I’m sorry for your loss.

Ann Foley
Santa Barbara

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The effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom has reached 1.6 million valid signatures. This is enough to put a recall election on the ballot. Furthermore, it was a bipartisan effort as the people of California are fed up with the leadership and the conditions in the state.

Although Newsom faces a recall largely fueled by opposition to his COVID-19 pandemic policies, there are many ways he has failed to help California and its citizens. Some of the failures under his leadership include a homeless crisis that is out of control and worsening; skyrocketing housing costs because red tape hinders housing development; the highest taxes, including gas, in the country; failing schools where the teachers unions block positive changes like school choice; an outrageously expensive light rail to nowhere; the highest poverty rate in the country; releasing criminals from prisons and jails, resulting in an increase of crime; and an open border and giving millions of dollars to illegal immigrants instead of Californians for health, education and housing.

Going forward, conditions in California need to change. We need a governor and leaders who will do what is best for the state and its legal citizens. This is why the recall of Newsom is so important.

Diana Thorn

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