Thanks to Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen’s Aug. 7 column, “Santa Barbara County’s Big COVID-19 Error Isn’t the Only Hole In Its Reporting,” I was watching the old Fiesta Parade footage with much nostalgia, remembering State Street as it was when I was a kid growing up in the 1950s and ’60s.

It was so much fun seeing the old JC Penney and Montgomery Ward stores (our stores of choice for back-to-school clothes!) and the Copper Coffee Pot restaurant.

As I watched a float approach with a giant guitar in front, a beautiful senorita caught my eye. It was my mom! But could it be? I asked her if she’d ever been in a Fiesta Parade. Yes. Was she on a float with a giant guitar? Yes. Holy cow!

So, I played the video for her and sure enough! Apparently, she used to dance with Sammy Valencia, who I guess was somewhat well-known in the area. Honestly, the things you learn about your parents!

My mom pointed out the equestriennes in the beautiful yellow dresses as the Camarillo Sisters.

I can’t believe this footage was found. What a treat for us to see. Thanks so much to Steve Baker for the trip down memory lane!

Linda Wasil
Santa Barbara

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In his Aug. 7 column, Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen wrote that “Through the ongoing financial contributions of our most loyal readers, we are able to keep the pressure on elected officials, government leaders and policy makers to uncover and deliver the critical local news and information you need, 24/7.”

Bingo, Bill! You freakin’ nailed it!

That’s why I’m a Hawks Club supporter. I’m mailing another contribution, today!

Noozhawk’s reporting on the travesty that is the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department’s errant coronavirus statsistics is of great service to our community. Noozhawk must continue to shine a light on that.

Let’s hope that the Board of Supervisors will do more than just react like deer in the headlights — like … maybe they’ll take responsibility and kick some serious butt at Public Health.

Hib Halverson

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Please explain the science for masks that are:

» Of any and all varieties

» Worn in every fashion

» Untested

» Uninspected

» Handled and laid down

» Advertised as ineffective for viruses

» Linked to dental and respiratory problems

» Taken off to speak or eat

» Exempt for children and those with compromised health

» Previously discouraged for all previous similar viral outbreaks until May 2020?

Does science explain why flu outbreaks often originate among mask-wearing populations: 1957 Asian flu, 1968 Hong Kong flu, 1997 bird flu, 2002-2003 SARS and 2019 COVID-19?

Please explain the scientific reliability of COVID-19 data coming from dozens of countries and thousands of districts within countries, each of which employs different containment and measurement practices.

Steve King

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In response to Ron Fink’s Aug. 4 column, “Councilman’s Desperate Search for Recognition in Lompoc,” his usual bias seems to be driven by personal animas toward Lompoc City Councilman Jim Mosby.

Lompoc’s traditional State of the City presentation has not actually occurred in recent times, but Mosby felt citizens should have that information. As council members and the mayor have equal standing and responsibility, it is well within his right to provide the information. He clearly represented that he was doing this an individual.

Regarding Fink’s aspersions to Mosby’s appointment to the council, this seems to just be sour grapes. The appointment followed all appropriate processes, and Lompoc recently appointed Gilda Cordova to the council in a similar fashion.

Regarding the reduction in code enforcement, the city has a long history of misusing code enforcement as a political tool. But the elimination of part of code enforcement, reductions in the planning staff, elimination of the public information officer and temporarily holding vacant three police positions were to balance the city budget. This budget was approved on a 4-1 vote with Mayor Jenelle Osborne in opposition.

Anyone who actually looked at the city budget at that time recognized that the reductions were necessary to provide retirement benefits to previous city employees and to achieve a balanced budget. The budget that Fink supported would have resulted in out-of-control CalPERs debt of nearly $100 million.

To his credit once a balanced budget was achieved, Mosby supported placing a tax initiative on the ballot and actively campaigned for it.

Regarding the new fire station, the original plan that the Fire Department shared with the City Council in 2014 was a standard-size station with a larger equipment bay for $3 million to $4 million. By the time it came back to the council, more than $100,000 had been spent on design work for a $14 million fire station on leased land that, with interest financing, would take the cost to more than $29 million — on top of the annual ground lease payment.

The annual payment would have been more than $1 million a year. Clearly, the city would not be able to carry this burden, and Mosby and the council at that time were wise to avoid it.

I have had great respect for Fink’s knowledgeable experience with city matters, but he has allowed his political leanings to create animosity with certain city officials. While I would like to still consider him as a friend, I wish he would avoid political mudslinging and come back to his roots as an individual dedicated to Lompoc and unbiased truths.

Steve Bridge

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