In Noozhawk’s Aug. 21 article, “Satellite Launched From Vandenberg Air Force Base Captures Long Path of Smoke From California Wildfires,” readers might be interested to know that the image from the Terra satellite was most likely taken by the MODIS instrument, designed and built by Santa Barbara Remote Sensing (formerly the System Division of Santa Barbara Research Center) in its Goleta facility. MODIS instruments are flying on NASA’s TERRA and AQUA satellites.

Rod Durham
Santa Barbara

                                                                 •        •        •

My package correctly addressed to my home in Goleta is, as of today, in Eugene, Oregon, waiting delivery no later than 9 p.m. today.

All these U.S. Postal Service snafus are not coincidence. I am shocked, though not surprised, that Congress does nothing about this craven assault on our Constitution by that orange menace, President Donald Trump, and his satanic minions.

Stanley Klein

                                                                 •        •        •

Regarding the Aug. 17 article, “Drive-Up Mailbox Returned to Patterson Avenue in Goleta After Community Reacts,” I was almost moved to tears by the photos of the demonstrators, particularly the one of the chalk inscription decrying the tragic temporary removal of a mailbox.

And then I remembered that if you leave an envelope in your own mailbox with the proper postage, a postal carrier will come along and take it and put it into the mail system for you. Most mailboxes even have a little red flag on the side that can indicate there’s mail to be picked up.

I’ll bet they’ll even do it with your absentee ballot.

Ben Seager

                                                                 •        •        •

In Jim Langley’s Aug. 8 column, “Understanding the Motives Behind Movements,” he writes:

“You see, there’s much evil in this world, and much of what we are experiencing these days is deceit with a special emotional coating. It appears as something other than what it truly is and, sooner or later, motives will be uncovered.”

I applaud Langley for his comments on our national leadership, even though he does not specifically identify the source of his discontent. The deceit with the “special emotional coating” of racism and white power is manifest in everything coming out of President Donald Trump’s White House.

Langley quotes scripture and provides his interpretation with regard to current events: “King David is saying to his Lord in this particular psalm that the evil motives of men are all around him. Their plans are filled with selfish desires. They will do whatever they can to devour and overthrow what is good and pleasing in God’s eyes. They are the enemy and we must see their selfish motives for what they truly are.”

Thank you, Langley. We are governed by men with evil motives, men filled wish selfish desires, men acting daily to devour and overthrow “what is good and pleasing in God’s eyes” — the Trump administration’s determination to rape the environment for their economic gain, to demean the less fortunate among us, to abuse our immigrant neighbors whom God has commanded us to welcome, and to do it in the name of Christianity.

Their motives have been uncovered in the last three-plus years, and yes, Langley, they are filled with selfish desires.

Jim Britsch
Santa Barbara

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