Regarding Noozhawk staff writer Joshua Molina’s June 21 article, “Four-Story, 21-Unit Apartment Project Headed to Santa Barbara City Council on Appeal,” how does Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo get away with denying the public an opportunity to comment during the City Council’s visit to the proposed development site? What was gained by her antics?

Murillo’s consistent disdain for her constituents is an embarrasment for this great city. She needs to go in November.

P. Martinez
Santa Barbara

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Regarding Stephanie Hayes’ June 20 commentary, “How to Keep Critical Race Theory and Other Bummers out of Schoolbooks,” ionically, I can’t imagine a better example of systemic racism than the simple act of attempting to ban the teaching of systemic racism.

Rob Egenolf
Santa Barbara

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Corey Friedman’s June 23 column, “How to Make Abortion Unnecessary, Not Illegal,” advocates for sex education and free access to birth control.

Both have been successfully pursued in Sanra Barbara County since the 1980s. Teen pregnancy rates dropped locally as access to instruction was expanded to males on money, pregnancy and child support.

But Friedman’s analogy with smoking, which is dangerous to one’s functional health, is where he lost me. He fails to answer whether sex is dangerous or if it is only punitive when an unexpected pregnancy results.

He simplistically or ignorantly writes, “For (females) who still have unwanted pregnancies, government can make abortion less likely by subsidizing prenatal care and hospital maternity services. Federal and state agencies could also reduce or eliminate adoption costs, which can exceed $50,000.” Locally, however, everything pregnancy or birth related is or can be paid for by others.

Friedman ignores the $400,000 cost for a single parent to shelter, provide for and parent a dependent child for 18 years in Santa Barbara. Beyond parental commitment and love, children require time, energy, resources and money.

What works is aggressive child support enforcement. Paying support is not something most want hanging over their heads every day for years to come. Do you know Santa Barbara County’s support policies, amounts and enforcement methods? Have you informed your teen? Talk about the 10th Amendment states rights while chatting.

Education on financial literacy and biology was the theory locally almost four decades ago when the local Planned Parenthoid started offering optional classes at various locations for teenage males. The teen birth rate subsequently fell while the age of first pregnancy increased. Churches and other parent-supported organizations led their own successful programs.

Friedman’s commentary reminds me that we need a countywide update on teen pregnancies to know what works and is needed. Sadly, money and sex are too often topics off limits or ignored with young teens.

Denice Spangler Adams

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