Regarding Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen’s Nov. 4 column, “Natural Café’s Exit Exposes Downtown Santa Barbara’s Squalid Reality,” I could not agree more.

My wife and I used to enjoy downtown restaurants (We’ve gone to The Chase, Joe’s Café and Jane for years), but we find little attractive about the parklets and the “pedestrian promenade.” At first glance, there appears to be more activity, but I think it’s mostly because the sidewalk activity has been pushed into State Street.

However, we just don’t feel comfortable with the large homeless presence, drug activity occurring in nooks and crannies, kamikaze bicyclists and the general filth. There are better options.

I feel badly for The Natural Café’s owner, but we much prefer his Camino Real Marketplace location. The shopping center is immaculate and well-lit, parking is convenient, there are crowds of shoppers, and we don’t have to worry about being accosted by panhandlers.

B. Myers
Santa Barbara

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In his Nov. 5 commentary, “Why I Voted for Goleta’s Measure B Sales Tax Increase,” City Councilman Stuart Kasdin wrote that there was a vote taken on how to divvy up funds from the proposed Measure B2022 sales tax revenue.

Kasdin promoted this idea three days before the election, thereby giving voters the false impression that the promises made have been decided and voted on.

I will accept Kasdin’s claim that a vote was taken. This action by the City Council means that to pass, B2022 must win a supermajority of voters.

Richard Foster

•        •        •

Too bad folks don’t care about who is in charge of their welfare and don’t vote. According to the Nov. 9 article, “55,000 Ballots Left to Be Counted in Santa Barbara County,” statistics show a 31% turnout of registered voters. So 70% don’t care. They have no room to ever complain.

John Sween
Santa Barbara

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