Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen’s Nov. 15 tribute to his friend, Jim Haslem, was beautifully written and very well said. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Anna Brantley
Los Olivos

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I was amazed and disturbed to read that the nonprofit Youth Interactive has been closed due to the filing of a claim of an alleged rape that occurred five years ago! (“Youth Interactive Shuts Down Programs in Santa Barbara Due to Lawsuit”).

Why are those students who have received such committed concern and efforts for their future benefit being deprived of this help because of something that has not been proven? Time and a good investigation will establish what, if anything, happened five years ago — or if this claim is totally without merit.

But why should the staff, the volunteers and especially the students be punished in this manner??? Closing down this very important work on a mere plea without any clear or complete justification of that claim strikes me as totally out of place.

I hope those responsible for this will change course and reopen this important nonprofit organization and allow it to continue its work.

Marilyn Gilbert
Santa Barbara

                                                                 •        •        •

It is unfortunate that the Nov. 16 article, “Volunteer Workday in Montecito Nature Preserve Helps Repair Disaster Damage,” is so misleading.

First, we at Casa Dorinda are extremely appreciative of the work and efforts Abe Powell and the Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade have been doing in cleaning up the remaining debris from the Jan. 9, 2018, flash flooding and debris flows, restoring trails and spreading mulch throughout the area.

It should be noted that the 21-acre “open space” is owned and managed by Casa Dorinda, and we are pleased to make the open space and trails available to the greater community.

I want to clarify that, in the months following the disaster, Casa Dorinda managed and funded the cleanup and removal of the vast majority of the debris, mud, rock, etc. from the open space.

Both Watershed Environmental and Cold Springs Landscapes are paid contractors of Casa Dorinda, and all work and planting of trees, shrubs and natives are part of Casa Dorinda’s master plan project and are being managed and funded by Casa Dorinda.

Brian McCague,
Casa Dorinda executive director

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Noozhawk’s guidance for letters to the editor clearly states that they should be limited to 200 words: “Letters should be BRIEF — as in 200 words BRIEF.”

None of the Nov. 15 letters to the editor met that criterion. The largest was 993 words, and three others were more than 300 words.

I’d love to understand why you accept letters that violate your unambiguous guidelines. And if 200 words is too constraining for letter writers, why not change the threshold to something more generous and then enforce it?

Milt Hess
Santa Barbara

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