Although no doubt embarrassing to write, Noozhawk publisher Bill Macfadyen’s Nov. 21 column, “Nov. 21 A.M. Report Went Back in Time, and We Apologize for That,” was appreciated by this retired public affairs executive.

I admit I was alarmed and confused by the A.M. Report story on the restaurant closings, until I looked at the publication date. Not long afterward, the corrected version was emailed, followed by Macfadyen’s full explanation.

All you can do in such situations is own the error, and Noozhawk did that. Good call.

R.G. French

•        •        •

Thanks so much for publishing the four-part Michael Rattray series on climate change (“Perspective Is Key — and Often Missing — in Climate Change Debate”). It was excellent!

It’s nice to read thoughtful, in-depth pieces on a complicated subject that tends to become overly simplified — and usually biased — in the media. Let’s see more like it.

Elizabeth Ross
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

Regarding Ron Fink’s Nov. 16 commentary, “SCE Rate Increase, and the Cost of Green Energy and Distribution System Mismanagement,” I would like to present facts to show green energy is safe, cost effective and essential.

Fink raised questions about the danger of fire and resulting pollution from Lithium ion batteries used in the Tesla Megapack. Facts show that there has been only one fire, which occurred in an Australia Megapack. Fire investigations have shown the Australian Megapack fire was not caused by the Lithium ion battery but it coincided with short circuits likely initiated by a coolant leak external to the battery compartment. The Megapack that suffered a fire in one small area is already reapproved and up and running.

Fires in Tesla electric cars with similar batteries are rare and occur 10 times less frequently than fires in gasoline-powered cars. According to the Transportation Department and other officials, there was a Tesla car fire per every 205 million miles versus one in every 19 million miles in gasoline-fueled cars.

Fink puts Lompoc forward as an example of better efficiency and lower electric rates. Following the Lompoc City Council’s 2021 suspension of the 2012 temporary rate reductions, electricity rates have now increased back to 2011 levels. Per, rates in Santa Barbara and Lompoc both now average similar 22.45 cents per kilowatt hour, or about 62% more than the average U.S. price.

Fink references inflation due to President Joe Biden’s stimulus packages. Five of six stimulus packages, and a far greater part of the monetary stimulus, were the product of President Donald Trump’s administration and a Republican Congress prior to Biden’s inauguration. Those who took credit for the stimulus must take responsibility for any inflation.

Fink suggests there are new liberal immigration policies under Biden. However, he does not know that the current policies remain little changed from Trump’s policies. Children are now being reunited and sent back to parents in Mexico. Some minors who have no family members identified remain in the United States. Immigration policy changes recommended by Biden have been cut from the stimulus legislation only now just approved. Biden has allowed green-card holding high-tech workers to work temporarily at our high-tech industries. Now families of green card-carrying workers are not allowed to follow.

Global warming is real and action is urgent. Ships can now sail an ice-free sea passage over both Russia and Canada as the Arctic ice has melted. This is not fake news. Here in the United States we will not be immune as Lake Mead dries up and climate refugees begin to flood our borders.

Our problems are not divine in origin and divine intervention will not fix them. These problems are ours in the making and it is our responsibility to take bold action. Our children deserve our focus and our urgent, bold and comprehensive action.

Lawrence Mietus
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

C’mon, D.C. Collier, you can do better.

In his Nov. 25 commentary, “Would Jesus Drive a Porsche?” he wrote so beautifully about the 2 year old and the “unspoken bond of love with his Mom.” It made this octogenarian’s heart melt and wishful that I still had a 2 year old.

But then he blew it with that quotation from the A.W. Tozer book: “An unexamined Christian life is like an untaught child.” I’m Jewish, albeit a lightly practicing Jew, who agrees that the unexamined life has its pitfalls, including hot Porsches, but I don’t need the Torah or the Bible to remind me.

Socrates’ “An unexamined life is not worth living” was inscribed daily on the chalkboard of one of my favorite science teachers, Mr. Scoles, at South Gate High School some 65 years ago. Not an English teacher, not a philosophy teacher, a SCIENCE teacher! I have never forgotten it … and I try to examine my life as much as possible short of becoming a totally narcissist/neurotic woman.

Like all good words, they only go so far. So don’t ask me about books and folk-art tchotchkes. And I hope Collier sometimes get to test drive Porsches, if not outright buy one.

Josie Levy Martin
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

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