In an Aug. 26 letter to the editor, Josie Levy Martin takes Noozhawk to task for posting Jim Langley’s Aug. 20 commentary, “Enduring Transforming Faith.”

Forgetting that Martin offended the very group that was offensive to him/her/they with labels such as “Christian club” and “Christian white club,” let’s examine the question suggested by Martin’s letter: “… but Noozhawk could honor those of us who are ‘the other’ by having a weekly column by members of OTHER faiths.”

First, full disclosure: While I relate to some Christian ideals, I am not devout. I don’t go to any church, mosque, temple or any religious gathering, and I’m a member of Martin’s offensive “white club.”

In my experience, Noozhawk is pretty fair as far as offering space to those who wish to post commentaries discussing many different viewpoints. With that in mind, I submit that if Martin feels Noozhawk lacks columns for “OTHER faiths,” Martin ought to quit bitching and write one.

Expanding my challenge, I regularly read letters from other Noozhawk readers who are “offended” by anything Christian-related, so I suggest the same to those folks, too. If you’re Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, Hindu, Sikh or whatever — even if you believe in the Klingon god “Kahless the Unforgettable” — and you are angry that Noozhawk doesn’t post a column about your religion, write one and email it to Noozhawk.

I’d rather read what folks who are offended by Christianity have to say about their “OTHER faiths,” rather than just reading their rants.

Hib Halverson

•        •        •

Regarding Joe Guzzardi’s Aug. 28 commentary, “Joe Biden’s Agenda Excludes ‘Equity’ for Black Workers,” does he really expect us to somehow think that he cares even one whit about actual equity for black workers?


Does Guzzardi not realize that (sometimes) some of us actually read (always against our better judgment) what he writes?

Robert Egenolf
Santa Barbara

•        •        •

Susan Estrich makes some very good points in her Aug. 28 commentary, “Donald Trump Exposes What’s Wrong With Us,” especially her assurance that no president is above the law.

I would like to ask her if a secretary of state is above the law because, based on indisputable evidence, Hillary Clinton sure was.

And what about a president’s son? Because the deeply corrupt Hunter Biden has, based on indisputable evidence, clearly broken federal gun laws that his dad brags about enacting. Among other things.

Based on indisputable evidence, the FBI considers itself above the law, too.

I also find it interesting that Estrich talks about her opponents issuing violent “threats” when “it’s not President Joe Biden or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on the attack.”

I don’t know how she missed President Unity’s grotesque attacks on his opponents as “semifascist” and his spokeswoman repeatedly calling those who did not vote for him “an extreme threat to our democracy.” Other Democrat leaders are the same way. Biden has a long history of such derogatory language against fellow Americans who don’t share his views.

It’s a shame the “above the law” door only swings one way in Estrich’s world.

Martin Thomas

•        •        •

So many Californians are reminded of inflated health-care prices every month as they visit the pharmacy or pay an insurance premium. Congress finally did something about this by passing the “Inflation Reduction Act,” which was signed into law by President Joe Biden.

The new law will use the government’s purchasing power to negotiate lower prices and provide real relief to those in Medicare and Covered California.

Unfortunately, the vote on this important bill was party line. I am thankful that Rep. Salud Carbajal, D-Santa Barbara, stood with us in support of reducing health-care costs and improving our ability to keep healthy.

Susan Petrovich

•        •        •

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