Ehren Rauch, Goleta's community resource deputy, stands beside his new e-bike. He is wearing sunglasses, khaki pants, and a green sweater with a Sheriff's star on it.
Goleta’s Community Resource Deputy Ehren Rauch with his new e-bike. Credit: Courtesy photo

Goleta’s Community Resource Deputy Ehren Rauch has a brand new motor-assisted bicycle, or e-bike, purchased by the city to help enhance his patrol efforts.

Rauch came up with the idea to buy an e-bike. “We had a standard manual-powered bike, but it was very outdated and in need of repair,” he said. “The new e-bike was chosen for its large tires and ability to go off-road on trails and the beach, locations that a cruiser normally would be unable to easily access.

“I am very excited to be out in the community on an e-bike,” Rauch said. “This allows me to provide outreach and enforcement in places that are typically not patrolled by a deputy in a car.”

The e-bike will assist with patrols on the Ellwood Bluffs, Lake Los Carneros, railroad tracks, city parks, Old Town, and large events such as the Lemon Festival or parades.

The e-bike, costing about $4,000, is more nimble than a typical police cruiser, and requires less manpower than a regular pedal-powered bike.

The e-bike came equipped with several accessories and features including center drive motor, installed red-and-blue lights, siren package, and storage bag with police markings on the side. It has a range of 50 miles and can travel almost 30 miles per hour. 

“I have already had several positive interactions with the public on the e-bike and look forward to having many more,” said Rauch.