The city of Goleta is off to a good start in its census returns, according to preliminary self-response Census 2020 data.

As of 3 p.m. March 25, 33 percent of Goleta households had completed their census forms, according to a new interactive, online Census 2020 Response Rate Map. That compares to the national average, which was was 26.2 percent; the state average, 25.2 percent; and the Santa Barbara County rate, 27.9 percent.
The 2020 Census Response Rate Map is accessible at, and monitors responses by state, congressional district, county, city, and individual Census Tracts. The site is updated daily at 3 p.m.

The city’s Make Goleta Count/Haz Que Cuente Goleta campaign has helped spread the word about the importance of participating in the 2020 Census. The Make Goleta Count video is being played on television, and the ad will soon be played in English and Spanish on several local radio stations.

To complete the census, go online to Responses cal also be made by mail and phone.

“With Governor Newsom’s stay-at-home order, filling out the census is something important you can do easily in a few minutes from the comfort of your own home,” said Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte. “It takes less than 10 minutes. So easy.”

A complete census is strongly linked to maintaining vital services such as public health, Perotte said.

“For the foreseeable future, it is likely that federal and state governments will be distributing emergency funding in proportion to our population,” she said. “We must ensure that everyone is counted, so we receive our fair share.”

When filling out your census, remember to count everyone in your household, even if they are not family members. The 2020 Census is confidential. By law, your personal information can’t be shared.

The census creates jobs, helps plan for the future, and supports public safety and emergency preparedness. The following items are at stake for Goleta if there is an undercount in the 2020 census:

» Loss of revenue for 10 years
» Federal funding for Community Development Block Grants
» Library funding
» Gas tax related revenue for road repairs
» Special funding based on population
» District election boundaries

Learn more about the 2020 Census on the city’s census webpage,, and on Santa Barbara County’s census website Information in Spanish is also available on the city and county websites.

Goleta is part of the Santa Barbara County Complete Count Committee which is dedicated to making sure everyone is counted.